ZeroTolerance Drug & Alcohol Policy

Elite Sedan and Limousine Service maintains a drug and alcohol free workplace. The use of controlled substances or alcohol is inconsistent with the behavior expected of employees.You must not report for duty or perform work while under the influence of any drug alcohol or controlled substance.At any time there is a suspicion reported or unusual behavior by employee our policy is to have employee tested immediately . Pre-Employment drug screening. random testing, injury or on the job accident can result in immediate drug testing. Full disciplinary actions will be administered and possible termination can occur.

  1. The manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, sale purchase or use of controlled substance on or in company property is prohibited.

  2. The unauthorized use or possession of prescription drugs or over the counter drugs on the job or during job while on the clock is absolutely prohibited.

  3. The policy applies to all employees of Company regardless of rank or position and includes temporary and part time employees